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Making of: Manny Calavera Costume

Thought I should do a post on my Manny Calavera costume!

Made it for the cosplay contest at Video Games Live London 06. Unfortunately us cosplayers didn't get to go up on stage as there weren't enough of us and the guy had a sore throat :(
It was still really awesome non the less though. Everyone loved my costume. I got my photo taken at least 100 times. And loads of people actually wanted their photo taken _with_ me!

"I'm your new travel agent."

Let the making of... begin!

Here is the original costume we based the idea on from some Halloween years and years ago. I don't remember how old I was, but I was playing Grim Fandango and it was new 0_0
Yes, that is a Chinese jacket. I didn't have a suit.

Plans and references

Me (in all my dressing gown glory) and Cherry (in her fully clothed glory) drawing the second plan.


Three cheers for the photographer! Btw, Logan got his own camera for Xmas partially based on his good use on this occasion.

Testing the head.

The head + plan.

Logan testing the head for fun.

Me taking advantage of this moment.

Break time. (I thought I'd spare you the more excessive details of all the planning)

Bring in the big guns! Kat (our artist mum) prepares for the painting.

Oh my god. We're actually drawing on the mask finally :O

Kat paints the side bits (practice ones to the side).

The rough plan, the updated plan, the final thing.

Cherry hole punching cards and sticking on the card box picture. (*pout*)

Continuing in London with Lulie. (Oh yeah, did I mention this was all done the within the night before going to London and the spare hours in London before VGL? Harsh dead line).

Seeing and breathing holes. Good for seeing and breathing with. (Well, now that I think of it... No. No they weren't good for seeing _or_ breathing with.)

How I got it to London and to VGL.

Me and Lulie got some awesome looks when traveling there. While on the subway this woman got on and I saw her squint to try and read Lulie's card. Then there was a sudden face of shock when she read it. She really looked horrified XD

Arrived and the mask is stapled.

Not actually that many pics of being at VGL. Probably as everyone was having fun being at VGL.
But here's a nice one. From left to right: Yuna, Me, Guy#1 from TimeCrisis, Sophie (being insanely happy), Guy #2 from TimeCrisis (with a face of awe), guy pulling really stupid face.

The LucasArts Trio.

My drawn version.

For more pics of VGL and the cos-players, check out Lulie's photos: (Second page has the cos-players, etc.)

Some day when it's not raining, I'm gonna go out to town in my Manny costume! I really don't think anyone's going to recognize me. If anyone does, they'll probably die of shock though.
Might go in the cool independent game shop and ask if they have any copies of Grim Fandango in XD (Unfortunately, they have a low ceiling. So I'd have to take the mask off to go in).

Next up, a Keneda jacket!!

Thanks to Cherry, Kat, Logan for helping me make the costume (it time too).
Thanks to Lulie for taking photos at VGL.
Thanks to all the people who loved the costume, took pictures and complemented me on it.

(I am so getting a version of this mug made!)
Tags: games, grim fandango, lucasarts
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awesome costume! I love how you look in the first pic, all professional looking with that head on. and lol at the girl behind you, she's like "WTF?!"

'shame you didn't get to be in the cosplay contest after putting the effort in to make it :[ by the way, what's grim fandango about? I've never played it.

and omg kaneda jacket?!1 hells yeah. (I bet you know I'd say that, haha) can't wait to see the pictures! :0
Thanks :)
Yeah, the looks were great. Everyone was either "WTF?!" or "OMG! It's Manny".

Was still _in_ the contest. Just no one got to go on stage :(
Btw, the winners were these 5 guys who came as... wait for it... Pong! (¤t=IMG_2543.jpg)
I would have liked to win. But they so deserved it.

Grim Fandango is an old adventure game (point and click type thing). It's known by some as one of the best games ever made. I'd give you a synopsis, but Wiki would do a better job :P I highly recommend playing it though. It's very fun and will stick with you.

XD Yeah! I'm gonna wait until I find the perfect jacket for it. Make it really good.
My dream would be I wear it in town. And someone shouts "KENEDAAAAA!!" then I'd turn around and instantly shout "TETSUOOOOO!!". And everyone would just stare and think we're weird. Then we'd chat and it'd be awesome XD
oh right! I didn't read it properly, haha. and that pic... just... lmao. that is the best evar.

ooh, I see. I'll look it up.

it's too bad that akira isn't very well known or it would've been more likely. though, I promise if I were to somehow see you on the street wearing it I'll shout that at the top of my lungs XD ooh and what'd be really neat but really hard to do is if you got a bike and modded it to look like kaneda's :O that'd be hardxcore. to tha max. word.
Great Costume, I prefer it to the Pong guys, though I expect they were better in action. I hope Stan's arms were waving and foot was tapping throughout.
Alright, I love Guybrush and Manny! :)
That made me happy. :D
thats awesome.

well done.
Dear Sir,


The end.
...and grim fandango is remembered, well done :D
(I love the game)

Never realised you had an LJ :P 'tis Nert, the one with the Bub costume from VGL ;)

How goes?
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